The right skillset. The right attitude.

Over the years we’ve perfected the installation and refinishing process for reclaimed wood floors to get it just right for every taste. Our artisans take the time and necessary steps to achieve the best results reclaimed hardwood has to offer. A sharp and trained eye for detail brings out the character from every board we touch for the most outstanding floor and maximum design effect.

Bleaching, aging, texturing, cerusing, and list goes on. This variety of methods and techniques can potentially create an infinite amount of styles and looks. You might not know what product or technique is needed, but if you know what you desire.. we can help you to get there.

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring in Denver

Why Reclaimed

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring Installation Reclaimed Hardwood Staircase

A Story Behind It

Imagine installing in your home two centuries old close-grained oak pulled from a former school library. When you decide on reclaimed hardwood flooring, you aren’t only purchasing a wood floor to put furniture on. You are purchasing a story. It is made from something that had a previous life – support beams from old buildings, wine barrels, old flooring from early times, wood from old factories, and the list goes on. All these materials are being collected, inspected and re-milled into attractive and durable flooring.

These floors bring with them individual stories of hard times and triumphs, the ongoing struggles and success that our ancestors faced when building a better life. When you decide to install reclaimed hardwood flooring, you are adding a piece of history to your home, making you a part of a story. These stories comprise an enduring allure of recalimed hardwood flooring

One in a Kind

When it comes to getting a one of a kind character, nothing compares to reclaimed flooring. These are one of the most beautiful unique and certainly eco-friendly hardwood flooring options you will ever find. None look the same. It’s hot. It’s ballsy.

But let’s forget about trying to be different. Reclaimed flooring is simply inherently beautiful and remarkable.

Good for Environment

No living trees need to be cut. While it’s more expensive re-using materials that outlived their original purpose is a worthy and a gratifying endeavor.