Brazilian Cherry Stained Gray

Wood Species:
Brazilian Cherry
Waterborne Polyurethane


  1. Renee Wixon 3 years ago

    Hi, I am admiring the Brazilian cherry with the gray stain. As I live in Minnesota it isn’t likely I can hire you. Can you tell me what you did/ what products you used to get this color?

    • James Alexander 3 years ago

      Thanks, Renee! It turned out very nice.

      After sanding we applied 2 coats of two-component bleach to remove the majority of red color. It was then followed by a grey oil-based stain and 3 coats of matte waterbased finish.

      • Tiffani Jedlicka 2 years ago

        We have brazilian cherry floors as well and can not find a contractor willing to bleach our floors. We are thinking about trying it ourselves in a small office and seeing how it goes Would you be willing to direct me to the bleach product that you used?

        • James Alexander 2 years ago

          Hi Tiffani,

          Sorry for the late reply. It has to be a 2 part wood bleach. 2 popular brands are Daly’s and Klean Strip.

      • Florin 11 months ago

        How do you apply the Klean strip on 3000ft of Brazilian cherry? Can you spray it with a sprayer or t-bar it then wipe off? What is the method? Thanks in advance. I love how the gray came out in the pictured project!

        • James Alexander 5 months ago

          The spray and t-bar method works as well.

  2. Annie Marshall 3 years ago

    I heard bleaching floors can compromise the this true?

    • James Alexander 3 years ago

      It’s my understanding that the chemical reactions which take place in the bleaching of wood, have not been studied well enough. In nutshell, bleach degrades lignin (wood glue) which leads to weakening and deterioration wood fibers at the surface. UV light has a similar effect on wood.

      But, in my experience, such effects appear to be extremely negligible. We didn’t see any noticeable difference in performance between bleached and non-bleached wood when conducting durability tests. We’ve tested it on red oak and Brazilian cherry thus far.

  3. James Alexander 1 year ago

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  4. Dale 7 months ago

    Hi. I really like the result you’ve pictured and I live in Denver. Do you have before photos to share? Also, I’m not sure how long ago this was done, but I am wondering since Brazilian Cherry tends to darken with time, if the red inherent in the wood, has started to appear more with time and sunlight?

    • James Alexander 5 months ago

      Thanks! I haven’t seen the floors after they were done, but a sample we have left hasn’t darkened since.